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National Lottery

National Lottery

The Lotteries Act prescribes the establishment of the NLDTF, which is to be managed by the National Lotteries Board. The Act further requires the Board to annually table a report in Parliament in respect of the fund.
Each week the licensed operator of the National Lottery, transfers funds generated for good causes to the NLDTF. This amount is calculated using a pre-determined formula based on ticket sales in terms of the Licence to Operate the National Lottery. Contributions to good causes, based on ticket sales, are currently 34% after VAT.

Funds in the NLDTF, together with the interest accumulated, will be used for the purposes as stipulated in section 26 of the Lotteries Act.

The financial year of the National Lotteries Board and the NLDTF runs from 01 April to 31 March. Funds generated for good causes in a particular financial year are available for distribution in the following year. READ MORE

Ernie Els Foundation

Ernie Els Foundation

"To identify talented young South Africans predominantly from families of limited resources and provide them with educational and life-skill assistance and playing opportunities in order to produce successful, well-rounded and educated young golfers.

The Ernie Els Foundation was founded in 1999 with the purpose of identifying and assisting young talented individuals, in golf, predominantly from families of limited resources and to deliver to them educational assistance and playing opportunities in order to produce successful young leaders and develop their playing ability to its full potential.

The Foundation joined forces with the world-renowned Fancourt Hotel and Golf Estate in 2006 to establish the Ernie Els & Fancourt Foundation (EEFF).

The Foundation has now entered its third phase and has modified its involvement and responsibility with those youngsters that it supports to ensure that, while they receive the same guidance, assistance and leadership, it is done in an efficient way, which allows the Foundation to reach a larger number of deserving candidates. READ MORE

Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

The trust was established in 1985 by the late Mr Harry Oppenheimer in memory of his father, sir Ernest, and has a long tradition of investing in education and related fields. The Harry Oppenheimer fellowship initiated by the trustees some eleven years ago and is the Trust's most prestigious award, The Fellowship Award.  

Local Study Grants
The Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust awards a limited number of grants each year at doctoral level for local study for individuals who are teaching at academic institutions and intend to pursue an academic career but do not have sufficient funding to successfully complete their studies. It does not provide assistance for undergraduate, honours and Masters study nor does it consider applications for study towards professional qualifications such as MBAs. Preference is given to doctoral candidates with a proven record of academic excellence coupled with financial need.

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The Key School for Specialised Education

Unlocking the potential of children with autism


KeyschoolIn order to provide the appropriate programmes for children with autism The Key School offers the following therapies and interventions. These therapies and interventions overlap with one another to the extent that this ensures our work with our children is as holistic as possible.

Individual Development Programmes (IDPs).

We work with parents to develop an IDP for each child which is then implemented by a team of therapists, teachers and family members or anyone else who works with the child on a regular basis.

Read more: The Key School for Specialised Education


Scott Mallen & David McAlpine finished their Journey from Casablanca to Johannesburg with public transport. In the picture you can see Dave McAlpine, Scott Mallen and Dave’s sister with Kingsley Holgate



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